Chaz Bojorquez

Hailing from East Los Angeles Chaz Bojorquez, was raised in a culture of pseudo calligraphy written by Mexican-American Cholos in the 1940s. Bojorquez’s overarching style draws on the foundation of this cholo inspired Old English typeface. This typography has a gravity that represents the “we”, the social collective. Employing this style Bojorquez whole heartedly believes that art is directly connected to the pride of a community and “any like that speaks about identity, dignity, unity, and line is art”.

Beginning his life of writing in 1969 at the age 19, Bojorquez was soon admitted to Chouinard Art School, today known as Cal Arts, where he studied calligraphy with an emphasis on Asian Calligraphy. Exercising his understanding for Asian calligraphy, he incorporated it into his traditional “Cholo Style” heightening his stylistic prowess.

Bojorquez has worked for top advertising agencies and has exhibitions in over 150 galleries and is part of the permanent collection in 24 museums. His global appeal connects with all cultures on an intimate level because it responds to our “need for identity”. Bojorquez has circumnavigated the world and continues to live and work in Los Angeles.

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Chaz Set
Chaz Set