Though raised in New York, JonOne has lived in Paris since the mid 1980s where he has established himself as an artist, building a career that has spanned over 20 years. From his early days as a youth, tagging the streets of Harlem, JonOne has always emphasized a painterly approach, bringing brushes instead of spray cans to tag subway trains. Harnessing the creative energy from painting the urban landscape, Jonone describes his work as his was of “expressing the chaos”.  While staying true to his roots as a graffiti artist JonOne explores abstract expressionism in his HPM. His work exhibits overwhelming movement and eye-catching pops of color.

JonOne’s paintings represent a new era of contemporary artists who have moved beyond their roots as graffiti writers to establish themselves as painters. Recognized internationally for his urban contemporary paintings, JonOne has stayed true to his artistic vision.

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