As one of the first Los Angelenos to paint freight trains and freeway overpasses, RISK has impacted the graffiti scene for over 30 years. His work focuses on stylized versions of his name. RISK’s career has lead him to many crews and graffiti tours, including “Trains, Planes, and Automobiles,” where artists tagged everything from private planes to Elvis Presley’s Limo.

Not only has Risk successfully made the transition from the streets to canvas, but he's also launched Third Rail, a clothing company for which he's won designer of the year awards. An avid believer that art is “social commentary with color”, RISK stays true to graffiti. He produces works that are both visually stimulating and that exercise social awareness, including his mural for the Los Angeles Skid Row Housing Trust. Today Risk lives and works out of Los Angeles where he feels as though he has come “full circle with the generations”.

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