NEW HPM from L’Atlas + Thomas Canto

We are excited to present two new sets of HPM from two French artists that have mastered the meticulousness of geometric patterning.


In L’Atlas’s pictorial universe, every letter is considered a shape and every shape a letter. Greatly inspired by typography and calligraphy, L’Atlas uses abstraction to preserve the comprehension of the word whilst altering its proportions. His “writing” is constantly balanced between the legible and the illegible, the concrete and the abstract, the particular and the universal.

Thomas Canto transposes his personal vision of his environment onto canvas. He presents the depth of the urban landscape with a seemingly infinite number of levels and dimensions. He maps out futuristic cities and unreal architectures, defining unknown topographies within the boundaries of his paintings. Fascinated with pure aesthetics and precision, Canto’s patience and meticulousness give an almost industrial aspect to his treatment of modern architecture.

Click here to see the entire set by L’Atlas

Click here to see the entire set by Thomas Canto

Thomas Canto

Thomas Canto | PARALLELS Set | Edition 1 of 8 | Khadi handmade paper | 30 x 22 in.


L’Atlas | PARALLELS Set | Edition 2 of 8 | Khadi handmade paper | 30 x 22 in.