Upcoming HPM Artist: Shark Toof

Upcoming HPM Artist: Shark Toof

HPM Project is excited to announce an upcoming set of multiples from Shark Toof! With his signature imagery, these pieces are “probably the most embellished, hand-painted, individually handled prints to date…” -Shark Toof.

Here’s more of what the artist has to say about his HPM Project set:

This particular shark image is inspired by the mural I painted in Miami… I am so humbled and honored to be a part of this HPM PROJECT… The most premium of handmade paper I have ever worked on… The textures and quality of the absorbtion of paint is incredible. Like each piece of artwork I do, I put myself into each one of these prints. I am about 90% into them, and its going to be hard to number considering each one I have grown attached to.

Shark Toof’s set will be available October 24th. If you’d like up to date news on our HPM, Like our Facebook page and/or subscribe to our email newsletter on our website: http://hpm-project.com/

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